Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome to the site!

Next week is my second anniversary of my first detoxification cleanse.  I weighed 32 pounds more than I do now, had terrible seasonal allergies and had more inconvenient illnesses (digestive and colds) on a consistent basis.

That was two years ago and 8 cleanses ago - and the quarterly cycling of these events has made the biggest impact on my life - for the better.

I was studying for my ND degree and participated in conference call class on Detoxification and Cleanses mediated/led by Dr. Elson Haas, MD.  That session gave me the EUREKA moment and I researched, planned and devised the first version of the Detoxification Cycling and Maintenance program.  Three other ladies and good friends joined me on this initial journey and we all benefited.  I perform a cleanse every 3 months - one of three types depending on my needs - and fine tune my diet to prevent new toxins based on how I feel.

This sums up the basic program and is not a cookie cutter approach to cleaning up and getting and staying healthy.  Each person is different and has specific needs based on their starting point and their desired goals for health.  I will be discussing benefits and differences of different types of cleanses, doing case study reviews of a few folks (with their permission), and reviewing dietary restructuring for "food and chemical sensitivities".

I will also be posting Q&A's - so if you have a question about detoxification/cleanses or diet for sensitivities - send me an email and I will put up the response.

Yours in health -

Dr. Laura Keiles, PMP, ND